Pangaea Regional Center

Our Commitment — Pangaea Regional Center

The U.S. government designates regional centers to receive EB-5 investor capital and develop projects that promote regional economic growth and job creation. Pangaea Regional Center is a federally approved regional center committed to funding sound companies and development projects.

Pangaea Regional Center, LLC, is pleased to announce its next project – Riverine Fisheries International, LLC.  CLICK HERE for details. 

How will Pangaea Regional Center help me receive a green card?

Pangaea Regional Center provides comprehensive service to investors, including:

        • Cooperation with government-affiliated agencies to perform due diligence for project evaluation.
        • Preparation of documentation that satisfies the requirements of the EB-5 Program.
        • Efficient reporting and frequent communication regarding the status of the investment project.
        • Preparation of I-829 applications and assistance with the U.S. Consulate interview process.