Pangaea Regional Center

Executive Management

Captain Joe Gillas - Captain Gillas was born and raised in Alaska spending his career in the fishing and maritime industry.  During the past 28 years, Captain Gillas has traveled the world and has been involved in onshore and offshore large fishing enterprises.  With his extensive experience, Captain Gillas has built new factory ships, converted foreign flag vessels, converted US flag vessels and done numerous company start-ups throughout the USA and Far East.  Captain Gillas brings significant business experience to the Company including in business, financial, operations, marketing, production, logistics, safety and general business management.  Captain Gillas has assumed leadership roles in all areas of management including President/General Manager of Atlantic Frost Seafoods from 2004 to 2009, Galveston Ship Services from 2010 to present.  Captain Gillas brings a unique combination of fish processing management skills, Maritime expertise, business skills and corporate startup expertise.  Captain Gillas is a licensed Maritime Captain, FDA certified and Toyo Production Trained.
Frank Wetmore - Mr. Wetmore is from New England and has been involved in the seafood business in various capacities for the past 40 years.  He started fishing for offshore lobsters during alternative semesters while attending the University of Denver and for a time after graduation.  To gain practical experience, he continued fishing on shrimp trawlers out of south Texas until going to work for a large seafood importer in New York City, primarily dealing directly with suppliers from more than two dozen different countries on production, quality and sales.  Mr. Wetmore then started his own seafood importing company in Boston called General Seafood Inc.  Subsequently, Mr. Wetmore started a new venture called, Portland Shellfish Sales, Inc. in Maine, which involved the production of fresh and frozen fillets and finished portions, which were produced in company-owned plants in the US.  He is considered a pioneer in the red crab fishery business, starting a vertically integrated fishing and production operation that was unique to the fishery and the only one of its kind in the US.  Mr. Wetmore has been in other types of crab production and sales and is currently involved in fishing enterprises in the US and Mexico and seafood processing on the East Coast.